Our Mission

It is our mission to provide quality railcar cleaning and storage services that are both safe and efficient.  Our vision is to be an ever-growing company that provides value services to our customers, our investors, and the communities in which we live and work in.  As we grow, we are intent on ensuring that our facilities are engineered and built to operate with a level of integrity and safety that will set new standards in the railcar cleaning and service industry. 

We strive to create attractive pricing and flexible agreements coupled with strong quality assurances and well-planned solutions for our customers' needs.

Our Core Values

We view sustainability as "core central" to fulfilling our corporate goals.  We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner and proactively working with the local communities where we operate on a daily basis.  LaPoint's corporate fundamental core values also include:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Commitment to Safety
  • Connection with Community

"We achieve our goals by living our core values of solid leadership, open communication, trust, integrity, people and passion, and commercial focus, all of which guide our decisions and help create value and sustainability." 

- Daymon LaPoint, CEO/Founder


Our Cleaning Services

Our grass roots built, cutting edge cleaning facility in Orange, Texas is designed to handle unit trains and will have the capacity to clean 100 railcars in a 24-hour period.  Proprietary cleaning processes and an environmental tripe zero (0-0-0) approach eliminates the need for confined space entry and will set new safety and environmental standards in the industry.  We've designed this system to process and destruct harmful vapors, making it environmentally friendly, as well as, maintaining the highest level of safety for our employees.  Any residuals collected during and after the cleaning processes are separated and returned to the industrial commodity stream.  Our process helps reduce the wait time for customers, reduces emissions, reduces the environmental impact, and in turn, increases safety.

See What Sets Us Apart

Our Facilities

LaPoint Railcar Cleaning & Storage is currently constructing a 24,000 sq ft railcar cleaning facility with 5 miles of track for railcar storage on 150+ acres in Orange, Texas.  It is centrally located along the IH-10 rail corridor on the Gulf Coast for easy access.

The size and space of the facility provides us with unit train service capabilities and the capacity to clean 100 cars in a 24-hour period.  Unit train capablilities, quick turnaround, full-service cleaning, inspections, and general maintenance and repairs are all available on site.


Our Team

LaPoint has an enthusiastic team of time-tested and solid professionals  with an exceptionally strong blend of operating, engineering, environmental, legal, accounting & finance, safety and sales & marketing experience.  Our team is championed to deliver safe and creative solutions to our customers' challenges and to provide safety and security for the communities which we serve.  Our experienced team has a proven history of value creation for customers and success in finding safe solutions for most any issue in the ever-changing value stream.  We can pivot quickly, allowing us to adjust and overcome and we will work tirelessly with our customers creating solutions to the challenges at hand.


Our Involvement

LaPoint is committed to the growth and development of both our community and our industry.  As such, the company and members of the management team are actively involved in community and industry associations.



What Sets Us Apart

  • Zero Confined Space Entry
  • Zero Emissions Facility
  • Fully Automated Cleaning Systems
  • 24-hour Turnaround
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • VOC's Controlled
  • Heating and Steaming Capabilities
  • Union Pacific Service
  • Guaranteed PODs (Project Out Dates)
  • Interior Closed-Loop Cleaning System
  • Up-to-the-Minute Car Status
  • Video Inspection Report per railcar
  • Customer Access to Portal for Viewing while Cleaning
  • Central Location on the Gulf Coast

Health Safety & Compliance

LaPoint Midstream Group is committed to providing the highest levels of safety and environmental awareness. With our efficient proprietary processes, facilities and services, we can achieve sustainable environmental compliance.

We commit to be...

...Safe Operators.

LaPoint is committed to protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers, and local communities.

Our first step to being a safe operator is to provide our employees with a high level of training.  Our employee training program will include:

  • Facility Orientation and Job Specific Orientation that meets or exceeds OSHA 29 CFR 1910 standards, as well as meeting or exceeding FRA standards.
  • Supervised Field Training for the first 90 days of service, and continued as needed.
  • Specialized Training for personnel operating equipment.
  • Hazardous Materials Training that meets the requirements of the DoT, FRA, OSHA, and the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act.

...Environmentally Conscious.

LaPoint will constantly comply with all environmental requirements and strive to exceed all permitting regulations.

...Always on Call.

LaPoint will utilize state of the art, 24/7 control centers to monitor our facilities and equipment.  Control Centers will be staffed by trained employees and will remain in constant contact with local emergency response teams.